Tilted model parts by accident

I’m new to sketchup and drawing models but I’ve found iPad app very easy to pick up with an Apple Pencil.

However I’ve been working on one drawing opening and closing the file quite frequently. I only now realised more than a few of the element are tilted by 15 or so degrees with more than a few surfaces broken. I might have accidentally touched and moved things and it auto saved now I have no clue how to fix… please help

There’s no way to fix your model without seeing the model.
In other words you’ll need to share it here for others to jump in.

[Dropbox - 2024 Nanzi Art Centre.usdz - Simplify your life]

file here thanks

I can’t get to your file. Please share the *.skp file instead.

Indeed I see some (recrangular) faces twisted and broken into triangular faces. Probably due to moving some vertices.

Turn on ‘Edges’ and also make 'Hidden Edges’ visible. Now you can pick up the vertices to move into place again to fix the surfaces into flat faces.

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I am having trouble putting everything back… Do you think it makes sense to delete all tilted parts and start over? Thanks

In case you are going to redraw those tiled parts, it could be wise to convert them into groups or components.
This should also protect parts of your model against skewing, rotation or other deformations when moving other lines or faces.

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@m10621040, +1 about the need to group parts of your model.


Noted. Thanks so much