Tile 3D warehouse


I have been trying to apply 3d tiles from the warehouse into a feature wall but don’t know the best way to do it.

These are a couple of tiles that I have been trying to work with.

Help please!!!

Is this the right place for this post? May be better to post in the general forum unless it is related to a specific tutorial.

ok. thanks for letting me know.

It would be helpful if you illustrate more what result you are trying to achieve (what you understand by “apply”). It can also be good if you share what approaches you tried.

Assuming the 3d tiles are components and you want to cover a wall face with them as if they were a tiles material, you can use the array copy.

  1. Position the first tile instance on the corner of the wall and select it.
  2. Select the move tool (M).
  3. Press the ctrl key while moving the instance so that a copy will be created (instead of moving the original one)
  4. Press an arrow key (like ) to lock the direction of movement.
  5. Align it just next to the first tile instance and release the mouse button.
  6. Type 10x enter (or another number) to repeat the component instance many times.
    Now you have a column of tiles which you can select and make another array copy horizontally.

S Aerilius says…
ctrl/move to move a copy of that tile up one length of itself. The shift * ? to copy multiple times by whatever number you like defined by ?.
Group that and ctrl/move that over and up or down to tessallate. Then group both lots together and apply the same array move.
Once done it would be a matter of cleaning up the edges where partial tiles extend beyond the wall.

Hi guys. Thank you all very much for the help.

So that’s right where I find my issue. I did use the move tool to make copies and place the tiles over the wall but when it comes to trim the excess extended beyond the wall there is where I struggle.

I have tried to use the plugin enoroth solid tools to cut the edges but it didn’t work as the tiles are not a solid component.

I apologise for not illustrating my issue better at the first instance. I am new here at the forum and I really appreciate all you guys help.

Right,solid tools wont work because the tiles are not solid. If you edit the tiles and go underneath you would need to make sure the bottom has a face. Once its solid you can then use solid tools. You would also need to make the wall a solid shape (use it as a cutter) to then work with the solid tiles for the solid operations.

Alternatively you could explode the tiles and group them before you add them to the wall and then you could edit each one at the edges. You cant do this while they are components as any cuts would apply to all the same component tiles on the wall. As the main tile is made up of 3 tile components, you could also explode it and make the 3 tile group a component, and then at the edges make those you need to trim - “unique”


So, I couldn’t make the tile a solid component so I couldn’t use the plugin to make my cuts where I needed.

As suggested I exploded the component and made the tile I was trying to trim as unique, but maybe because of the angles and the complexity on the tile I couldn’t trim it at all…

you could make a plane and position it at the edge of the wall and then intersect it with the tiles and then delete overhanging parts?

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The element you are trying to multiply is made up of a component inside another component, so you have to be careful and make both unique, and then you’ll cut them.

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Hi guys,

Thank you all very much for the help. it was very useful and it worked really well on my project.

Thanks again guys!