Tiff image not appearing on the model

Dear all,

I imported a tif image because I need to place it on the terrain so I can find the right position to draw a road on the terrain. However, I cannot see the image itself! I tried with importing it in JPG, PNG format too and I applied all the 3 options available while importing an image. Any idea why I cannot see this image and how can I make it sit on the terrain as its texture so I can draw the road on the right place? Thanks.

Is your view style set to “Shaded with textures”? To me your screenshot looks like “Shaded”.

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Thank you.
I can see the image now with shaded with texture. I can also move it around but I cannot make it to sit on my terrain as its texture. I imported it as texture.

Also it is a tif file exported from ArcGis software and has the exact size of the terrain, then why it does not keep its original size so it matches perfectly?

Did you import it as a texture?

Yes import as texture

When you import an image into SketchUp as a texture you need to define the physical size of it. When I import textures I first draw a rectangle the size I want the texture to be. Then use File>Import to bring in the image. In an application such as yours I would draw the rectangle directly above the terrain like this.

And when I import the image I would start at the lower left corner (there’s a green square showing the start point) and then drag the image across to the opposite corner or an opposite side.

After that it’s a simple matter of applying that image to the geometry underneath. You might need to change the texture to be Projected. Right click on the texture on the rectangle, choose Texture>Projected.

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Thanks so much @DaveR. I think this is the right approach, however as you see in this image, I manage to import the image as texture on the rectangular above the terrain but by selecting projected , it does not get projected and stays on the rectangular. What am I doing wrong?

After you change the texture to projected, you still have to paint it on to the terrain. Get the eye dropper from the Materials panel and sample the texture image. The cursor will switch to the Paint Bucket. Then click on the terrain surface. If the terrain geometry is grouped like mine was in my example you need to open group for editing first.

Keep in mind that the faces in the model can only have one texture. Since your texture image has transparency, you’re going to be able to see through your terrain geometry.

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