ThomThom Shell - no result


Hi, I am not new to Sketchup, but I am a little new to Extensions. I recently installed the ThomThom Shell plugin and attempted to use it with no change in my model. There is supposed to be a temporary shell that expands as the thickness value is input, but none of that happens. I am running a newly DL’ed Sketchup Make 2016.

Any pointers?


first thought, is your model big enough?

attach the skp and people can test other ideas…



I tested it on a random sized cube with 1" walls for a sanity check. Model is highlighted, Shell selected, Thickness set, Double Click and nothing…

Shell Test.skp (163.4 KB)


your geometry needs to be a group before you run the plugin…



Thanks! I thought for some reason it would be OK to just “group” by selection.