This model failed file integrity checks and cannot be fixed

Dear All. Even If I copy the files to new file its the same thing. it will save as a new file but it wont open again. at the end it gave a bug splat tab and I sent the error to sketchup. They sent me autogenerated response to redownload and reinstall the sketchup 2023. I did that but still the same issue. sonething is terribly wrong with 2023 version. I would suggest dont use 2023 unless this new problem gets resolved or else you will lose all of your work.

Infact I did control Z to undo steps which I recently did but nothing.

worst part is its not creating backup file otherwise backup file would have saved my work little bit. it kinda damages your file. No back up no copy. it makes your file useless.

I really hope if any SketchUp developer can recover my file. :frowning:

Two hours later and you still haven’t answered my questions. I give up trying to help you.

Hello can someone help me out here? My skp file shows that the model failed file integrity check, and i really need this file for my thesis, can anyone be kind enough to restore this for me however much is restored

heres a link to my file

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says you are using “Free Plan” which is the web based version and would not be SketchUp 2022 now. What operating system? 2022 does not identify the operating system. What graphics card? “ssd 500gb” does not answer that question.

If you are actually using SketchUp Pro, look for the backup copy of the file. If you are using Windows it will have the extension .skb. Share that file with us.

im using the sketchup pro 2022 on my laptop not the free plan, my laptop is a gaming laptop razer and has Microsoft OS Windows 10 on it atm. my laptop crashed today and i had to get a new ssd so i have no files on me except this one, so i do not have the skb file for this my laptop just got refreshed. If you can help me with this that would be great!!!

Please correct your forum profile, then.

That’s not a graphics card, though.

I’m not able to do anything with your file. It might be that @colin can when he gets a chance to look. Technically he won’t be on the clock until Monday but he sometimes checks in on the weekends.

thanks though!

I m having the same problem!!! I can’t carry on with my work and I have a submission in few days

Could you put your file online somewhere so we can try it? Make sure the link you give is shared for anyone with the link.