This file is not enabled for viewer based on the project configuration

We’re working with a company in Europe that uses SketchUp.
We want to open Sketchup files they send us. We need to put some items on layers, turn off some layers with extraneous items, and export CAD plans and elevations.

However, we got the following error message when we tried the SketchUp free web version on line :

This file is not enabled for viewer based on the project configuration. To Enable viewing capability please contact

connect-support sent me to the forums…
Is there a different program to use?
Do we need to have our partners save or set up their files differently?

This sounds like it is not compliant with the EULA. You need to be using the Web-based Shop version or the Desktop Pro version instead of the Web based Free version.
What extension does the files have?

It is possible that the contact address (Trimble Connect) was only relevant for part of the product, but not appropriate to the issue that you experienced.

The error message is odd, SketchUp for Web is not a pure viewer (“SketchUp Viewer”), but the full editor. Also I am wondering how the file contains a mark requesting to be opened in a specific variant of SketchUp.

  • Did you access SketchUp for Web on the right address?
  • Can you check the type of the file, what is the file extension (disable hiding file extensions in your file manager if it is enabled). It should be “.skp”, not “.skb” or anything else. Do you know the version of SketchUp from which your partners saved the file?
  • Describe the steps you did to opened the file, did you upload it to Trimble Connect (within SketchUp for Web)?

Maybe you should come to an agreement with your partners on which file format you use for exchange. Maybe it saves you a lot of hassle if they send you files in a format that your software/workflow supports? (Also if you are using SketchUp in any commercial way, even if only temporary, you would need a license…)

Thanks for the response.

I believe we are using the Web version (

The file is has an SKP extension.

Thanks for your help with this.

I accessed Sketchup at

The file I have is labeled “.skp”.

I will ask how the file was saved.

I saved the file to my Trimble account, found it on line, opened it, and got the crash report.

I just saved a file from SketchUp Pro 2018, and it opened fine in SketchUp Free.

Thanks for testing that.
I’ve asked our partners to let us know what version they are using.

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