This doesn't appear to be a sketchup model

Good afternoon, I have a problem with my sketchup. My file crashed and I couldn’t save the latest version. When sketchup is open the file is listed as a recovered file, but when I open it it says: This does not appear to be a sketchup model! Can someone help me?

maybe, but for that, you need to share the skp file with us, and the skb (or ~.skp on mac)

either directly by dragging it in the answer window, or if it’s too heavy, through wetransfer or similar.

also, to optimise help, please fill in your profile a bit more. you’re using sketchup Pro 2021, but system should tell us if you’re using a mac or a pc, and what version, and graphics card should tell us what model of graphics card you use.
click on my name to see an example.

Thankyou! But how can I share the sky file? Because I can’t open it…
Schermafbeelding 2023-07-06 om 11.32.42

you see the area where you type your answer ? drag the file you can’t open in it.
if it says it’s too heavy, upload it on wetransfer or on a drive and share the link with us. no need to open the file to share it, just like you would if you had to send it to someone.