This does not appear to be a sketchup modellll

I found my file from the recovery program, but there is no skb extension next to it and I cannot open it. There is a warning in the thread title. What can I do?

What version of SketchUp are you using? There is no 2019 SketchUp for Schools as you indicated in your forum profile. What operating system? “2019” is not an operating system.

can you help me ?

sketchup pro 2021 … I’m using it, I mistyped the profile hastily, let me correct it … thank you

That file isn’t a SketchUp file. It seems to be a Google One file. Are you able to view your Google Drive, and download the SKP?

If you are using SketchUp for Schools there won’t be an SKB backup file like there is with desktop.

@marwanobeidat does someone on the team know about Google Drive file related issues?

Uploading: cadmapper-odunpazar-eskisehir-tr.skp…

Since I couldn’t upload an skp file here (because the size exceeds 16 GB), I wanted to transfer it to you via we transfer.

sorry 16 mb

Please do correct your profile.

I couldn’t do anything with your file either.

how can i solve this problem?

Using WeTransfer was a good way to send the file, but the file you sent is not a SketchUp file.

oh really ? but it must be skp folder :frowning: skp apllication doesnt see this folder as a skp folder :frowning: why? i dont understand

Can you try going to this link in a browser:

If you can find the file there you could get a link to it that we can use.


That’s still the same file. Don’t know how a SketchUp file could end up looking like a different type of file.

:(( me mtoo

Did you save your file in your system storage(HDD/SSD)? Or in an external device or cloud. This kind of things happen when you save the file anywhere but the internal pc storage.

my file was accidentally deleted and I was able to get it back from a recovery program. That’s why I can’t find my file on the computer, another data

So, as you said, it was located somewhere other than computer storage. But is there any way to fix this?