Things I've Forgotten

Having recovered SU Make and installed it on my new laptop, I find that it does not behave as I’d like it too. While I might be back with other questions, the first 2 issues I’d like to get resolved are 1) the menu of icons that ‘float’ in the drawing area, and 2) the window at lower right that displays dimensions I’ve entered.

Oh, and a third: How do I tell the polygon drawing tool how many sides I want? IIRC, I could just enter a number in the box at lower right after choosing the tool, in the past.

How do I get those 2 features back?

Show us a screen shot of the entire SketchUp screen.

There normally isn’t a menu of icons (toolbar?) that floats in the drawing area. You could place one there but that seems kind of silly when the toolbars can be docked at the edges of the model window.

The Measurements window should, by default, be displayed at the lower right corner of the SketchUp window. Maybe your window is currently not maximized and the bottom of the window is running off the bottom of the screen?

As for setting the number of sides of a polygon, you do select the Polygon tool and immediately type the number of sides followed by pressing Enter.

OK, here’s what my screen looks like with a current drawing. I added text boxes and lines to indicate the missing elements that I’d liketo get back.

Your Sketchup window is partially off-screen. Maximize it by click on the coresponding button:

You can add the missing toolbars by navigating into a menu View>>Toolbars…

Thanks for the response. I found the missing tools menu. It was ‘hiding’ under Large Tool Set which I found by right-clicking in the top menu bar area.

Now to find the Dimensions box and how to set the number of sides of a polygon.

Did you maximize the SkeetchUp window by clicking on the square in the upper right corner?

And you totally ignored my instruction for that.

OK, Dave’s got me back on track with polygon sides. I thought I had done exactly what he described but it wasn’t working until I tried again. :disguised_face:

OK, I got the Measurements box back. Seems my window was not maximized, but in my defense it must have been 99.9%. I found that it wasn’t maximized by accident.

I hope this information and the other that I turned up will help someone else with these problems in the future.