Thickness probleming


I have a problem with getting a thicker part on my bracelet i am designing.

If you have a look at the photo i attached, you see that there is lock at the back, but in the front i need a thicker part.
I tried a lot, searched the internet but i can’t manage to get a thick part blended in the bracelet.

like this

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One option would be to plan ahead enough to add the bulge to it before you make it 3D.

You could also draw the bulge as a separate shape and add it to the existing geometry.

You might also look into Artisan or Vertex Tools for sculpting.

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Thanks for the reply!

I tried it with the 2 point arc but it doesn’t come as a solid, only as a line …

You’ll need to connect the ends of the arc to create a face.

Why don’t you try my first option. Your model isn’t that complex so it wouldn’t be that difficult to start over. In fact it would probably save you time.


I have another question.

I need to make 5 holes in my bracelet, i tried to pull them inside. But when i do that don’t create a hole.

I can pull them out but not in.

Make sure you work with solids, so then you can use the solid tools and trim (or substract) the “tubes” out of your bracelet.

first select the object you want to cut out, then the object what needs to be cut. So first the tube and then the bracelet. Then click on substract or trim.

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