Thicker and glowing edges when selected?

Autodesk has them in just about all their products now.

It really makes the visibility of the edges much easier to distinguish between selected and non-selected.

It also looks very attractive.

It wouldn’t hurt at least to have it as an option.

Here is what it looks like in Autodesk DWG True View 2018.


Something like this?

I find the default blue selection easy enough to see but you can edit the style and change the color of selected entities to be whatever you like.


That’s a nice replica of the image i posted. The only thing its missing is the thickness of the edges when selected.

For the record, Color ‘M00’ in the Materials - Colors section in a tray is incorrect in SU2017 and maybe even SU2016. The thumbnail shows the color white (RGB 255,255,255) but the actual assigned color is the same as ‘M01’.

How strange that the developers could make such a basic error.

And while i’m on the subject, in Styles - Edit - Modeling Settings, the color used for selected objects should not be blue by default since blue for the outlines of selected objects is just not very visible. The color cyan as the default would be a more logical choice since its very bright and visible and is neatly the opposite of the color red for locked items.

M02 also seems wrong, and the other grayscale colors are slightly off too.

True, some of the magentas are off as well.

Also, after closing and restarting SU i noticed that color M00 is back to normal and color M01 is wrong by being the same as color M00. They essentially swapped in correctness and incorrectness.

These are mistakes that should not be present. They are also easily fixable and should be fixed for SU2018.

EDIT: There is nothing wrong with the colors. They only behave oddly when viewing them in 2D views. When viewed from a perspective view they are normal. The discussion is more clearly explained in the post titled “Color BUGs - Assigned colors don’t match their thumbnails”.

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