Thick Edges style for layers/tags

This picture says it all really! (this is from SU 2019 pro)

I request a profile edge thickness that can be selected via the Layer/Tag. eg:

Thick line option

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I like the basic idea, but I’d prefer a separate setting where we could combine any lien width (just a numeric input) with any line stipple.

Yes that would be even more versatile.

It would add some complexity to the interface if every edge style had a thickeness. Perhaps it could be placed in the Edge Styles panel (next to Profile edge width).

I was playing around with Style Builder last night and wondered about whether we could edit dash styles in there. Ultimately I could create an “urban planning” template or an “architectural interior” template and have a range of pre-selected custom Edge styles for my layers/tags. Its not solving this FR but would be useful nonethless.

For now I would be super happy with just having a single thick edge. Simple, effective, and hopefully not asling too much.

The currrent method for obtaining thick edges that Im aware of is:
Create extra scenes showing only the layer you want thick edges for. Then send it to Layout and stack that view over top of another. Its a very cumbersome and error-prone process. Alternatively.
… exploding linework or tracing over it within LO is even worse. Maybe for one little drawing, but not a pro documentation set that is subject to updates. Are there any other methods im missing?