Thea for sketchup video tutorials



Good to know that and I hope you find my book handy. I strongly recommend it to have a podium and fundamental knowledge of ray-tracing rendering method concepts and terminology.
Due to some minor drop downs in latest version (v3x) of KT one may install the previous version then install the latest version over it.
So let me know if you encountered a problem with latest version as I guess have the previous version (2.5) somewhere on my machine and may share it with you.
I also may suggest you to start with Twilight instead of KT, it covers so many features from beginner to almost an expert level although it lacks “displacement” and GPU rendering power etc. Then you might migrate to V-ray or Thea for the sake of their advanced features and quality.
Consider a rendering engine as a car: A race car works charmingly in hands of a veteran driver while will upset a novice!


Please have a look at this VR using Thea (double click for better experience)
This sort of images also could be created using other render engines (such as KT, Twilight render, V-ray, etc ) + Pano2VR or similar apps.


Can you give some info. on what hardware was used and how long the render of the magnificent ‘solarium’ took?


It is not done by me. Here is the original post on Thea forum:


That is extraordinary. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much


Very happy to know that! :blush:


I am planning to postpone the release date for more careful review.