The use of sketchup for nonprofit accepting donations


SketchUp would be the software I’d like to use for a project. However, I always prefer to ask if everything is allowed when potentially taking software to the public.

I would like to draw rooms in Virtual Reality with the use of SketchUp, in order to create a museum. This would be for a non profit organization that cares for people with multiple mental disabilities. They have different departments, in different cities, with creative ateliers. They do small expositions and even sell some artwork.

The idea behind it is more then allowing people to see each other’s work. The artists can’t decide to visit another department and see the art or meet those artists. With a vr museum, they absolutely could.
I work closely with the local department, where we started a game-atelier a while after I started volunteering. The ceo came to visit and is extremely positive to bring my concepts to every department.

Now, the exact question is if there is an issue if I setup such events for fundraising at the nonprofit organization ZonneliedVZW and people can, but don’t have to, give donations?

SketchUp offers SketchUp subscriptions specific to non-profit organisations. That would cover you for that use case

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(related, with some more background information)

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Thanks for the clear replies and even linking my introduction here for info !

A small worry I have is that my organization is not official and asking such a subscription could be unfair/illegal, no?
Sorry if I might be a bit paranoia. I really want to give my best to prevent any issues afterwards.