The ultimate SketchUp Make Download Repository

Make 2017 (last version)
Make 2016 (last version supporting 32-Bit Windows & option to disable OpenGL Hardware Acceleration for sub-par Graphics Adapters)
Make 2015
Make 2014

• SketchUp Help Center: Downloading older versions


I’d recommend everyone to at least keep a copy of Make 2017. When your grandchildren find your old hard drive on the attic it could very well be what they need to view your old work.

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And get a copy of @eneroth3’s own excellent plugin to read newer versions of SU than the one you have (or than 2017).

Here’s a link to download the plugin:

And maybe keep it up to date for versions of SU after 2017?

Unfortunately, it only works on Windows, not Mac.

Christina, I have a Mac, if you want a test bed (as you mention on the Extension Warehouse page for your plugin. I know enough Ruby to follow instructions, but not how to replace the Windows dll or whatever it is that is specifice to Windows and not on Mac.

Or Steve Baumgartner (@slbaumgartner) might be able to help port it to Mac. He’s a whiz, in my experience working with him on the Angular Dimension 2 plugin.

Even if made compatible with Mac this extension wouldn’t be able to open models from a SketchUp version newer than the plugin itself. It needs to be recompiled with the new SDK for each new SketchUp version to support its file format. You’d have to remember to download it anew to your backup each time you update SketchUp.

Another way to make sure you can easily open the files far into the future is to use my legacy save extension to save them down to the SketchUp 2017 format.

Regarding Mac compatibility I think it would be hard for me to instruct someone remotely of how to compile the binaries for Mac when I don’t even know myself how to do it. Hopefully I’ll get access to a Mac myself some day and can look into it directly. Otherwise it would be good if someone who’s already familiar with this could do it and make a pull request.

Thanks Christina. So not really practical to recompile the extension for Mac, then - I’m not knowledgeable enough to be able to help much, i’m afraid.

But well worth saving a copy of important stuff back to v2016 or v2017 though.

I mostly do that anyway for colleagues in our amateur theatre who can only run 2016 or 2017 versions.

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