The trial installation is not possible

The trial installation is not possible.

When I press the Install trial button, page 404:not found appears.
Installation is no longer in progress.

I teach students at a university.
It’s a new department, so the educational edition will be available from next semester.
Because of the assignment, I asked the students to set up a temporary trial
It is very difficult because it is not installed.

Can you solve the problem?

Where are your students trying to get the trial to install it? What version of SketchUp?

Seems kind of odd to direct them to use the trial of SketchUp for coursework since the trial is only 7 days.

Sketchup Pro 7-free trial version.
Paths are as follows.

It is possible to purchase and use licenses for higherl education version at school from next semester.
I’m not an architecture major, I’m a webtoon drawing major, so I only need one week assignment for background work in the basic course. So I was going to use the trial version temporarily.

Ideally when we start a new 7 day trial we want to gather a small amount of information about the person starting the trial. But, if that goes wrong, and you can’t get through to the installer, that’s a bad thing!

Here are direct links to the Windows installer, and the Mac disk image:

Thank you, and I’ll try it.