The ∞ SketchUp Wish List

Another very useful option with this little tool, is to right-click on the spinners to reset to zero. Use for transformation, scale and rotation. Brilliant when u have messed up something and need to “reset” it.

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In Max it’s a palette you toggle (hotkey) on and off. No bother at all for the ones wanting to keep it simple.

Please please please streamline the logging in process. I use Sketchup at work and home and constantly have to deauthorize my machine and its not a very user friendly process. Just deauthorize all machines except the one I am using when I open Sketchup. Simple…? I don’t want to have to goto the website and hunt down the deauthorize link that’s in grey and inside a dropdown… ugh…

There is probably also a 3rd party (or 3rd computer) who also uses the same license, because otherwise it can be used on two computers without any problems. As I do.
(However you did not mentioned what kind of licence you are talking about, also your profile does not show it…)

You wouldn’t happen to know what plugin that is would you?
Found it on sketchucation … Thanks.

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Was just about to post that info. Wish I had seen this plugin long ago. Thanks,

I would beg to differ that the main reason that people choose SketchUp is for the simplicity. I chose it because I like the program and the output, but I would welcome a little more complexity if it gave me more tools and facility working with both residential and commercial architecture projects. Maybe it’s time for SU to abandon the “simplicity” model for the professional versions of the software.


Just had an amazing one. You should be able to use a solid object to make a section cut instead of just a plane. So say you have a transom window and then a low window nearby you could modify that solid to cut threw everything you need. It is impossible with a plane to get everything. It would also have the benefit of feeling very Sketchupy :slight_smile:

I still feel like emissive and reflective material settings would be awesome but this has been like a 10 year old request. Also, since I am just dreaming, have the emissive materials cast shadows. With ray tracing video cards you could still retain the Sketchup instant live rendering. No render button just turn them on or off like shadows. That way if you have a slow computer just turn them off.

Simple request…not sure why this doesn’t yet exist but I want to be able use inference locking (shift) to position the axes when using the Axes tool. Why not make this tool consistent with the other tools?