the ∞ SketchUp Wish List

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We are trying to improve Sketchup’s user interface here.

My example is hardly the most pressing Sketchup user interface improvement. This example simply wants to illustrate a general point: when multiplied by a sizeable user base, even apparently small design choices may still have material consequences. This point remains generally true and specifically relevant.

Sketchup has a great conceptual premise. Its execution, however, ought to be improved to align more closely to users’ justified expectations.

There are roughly two philosophies for creating a software user experience:

  1. Everything matters
  2. Ed Wood-style

I have yet to encounter a software that cares too much about the quality of the user experience.


Personally, I’d go for Ed Wood:)

If it does what it needs to be doing, one could overcome certain UInnoyances… if it doesn’t, even the slightest will upset the experience…


How great would it be if Layout could read a Dimension in Sketchup and replace it with a LayOut Dimension - then we wouldn’t need to delete and manually replace all our dimensions created within SU!


A menu item in LO to create a scaled drawing that I can assign a shortcut to so that I don’t have to either make a group and then add a scale or go to the tray…

Or just render nice LO style vector dimensions out of the box even if they were defined in SU.

The things needed for dimensions to work between Layout and Sketchup would be:

  • Sketchup dimensions could have exactly the same style features Layout dimensions have;
  • Sketchup dimensions would export to CAD from Layout;
  • Layout would read Sketchup layers and you could control them in viewport and export to CAD so that dimensions in a Sketchup Dimensions Layer would export via Layout to a CAD dimensions Layer
  • From Layout we could move the skecthup dimensions to fit the page where we wanted them and Layout would remember that for that dimension. Alternatively this could affect the dimension position in the Sketchup model.

This would apply to leaders and screen text too.

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Yes, this looks great!