The ∞ SketchUp Wish List

Thank you.

We are trying to improve Sketchup’s user interface here.

My example is hardly the most pressing Sketchup user interface improvement. This example simply wants to illustrate a general point: when multiplied by a sizeable user base, even apparently small design choices may still have material consequences. This point remains generally true and specifically relevant.

Sketchup has a great conceptual premise. Its execution, however, ought to be improved to align more closely to users’ justified expectations.

There are roughly two philosophies for creating a software user experience:

  1. Everything matters
  2. Ed Wood-style

I have yet to encounter a software that cares too much about the quality of the user experience.


Personally, I’d go for Ed Wood:)

If it does what it needs to be doing, one could overcome certain UInnoyances… if it doesn’t, even the slightest will upset the experience…


How great would it be if Layout could read a Dimension in Sketchup and replace it with a LayOut Dimension - then we wouldn’t need to delete and manually replace all our dimensions created within SU!


A menu item in LO to create a scaled drawing that I can assign a shortcut to so that I don’t have to either make a group and then add a scale or go to the tray…

Or just render nice LO style vector dimensions out of the box even if they were defined in SU.


The things needed for dimensions to work between Layout and Sketchup would be:

  • Sketchup dimensions could have exactly the same style features Layout dimensions have;
  • Sketchup dimensions would export to CAD from Layout;
  • Layout would read Sketchup layers and you could control them in viewport and export to CAD so that dimensions in a Sketchup Dimensions Layer would export via Layout to a CAD dimensions Layer
  • From Layout we could move the skecthup dimensions to fit the page where we wanted them and Layout would remember that for that dimension. Alternatively this could affect the dimension position in the Sketchup model.

This would apply to leaders and screen text too.


Yes, this looks great!

It would be REALLY cool to be able to add user defined functions/formula to the Dynamic Components extension, like you can with excel. It would make building stuff faster and clean up the DC formula bars.


I completely agree with you.
And it would be perfect if, in Layout, we can choose the vector option to the section fill.
Already exists the option of pattern fill for objects created in Layout, but the workflow would be great if it came from sketchup model.

I think SketchUp should support vector materials, for all materials. Rather than inventing a new hatch concept, just give this functionality to what we already have and let us use it everywhere in the model, not just for cuts.


I don’t know if you mean the same thing, but I would do it like this:

  • Every material would have a “vector hatch” option in addition to a texture image.
  • The user can choose from style settings whether the texture or hatch (or both) is displayed
    Vector hatches should use the AutoCad-style PAT definition files

I’m thinking, when you create the material you can select a png, jpg etc, but also an svg. Other than that it behaves exactly like any other material. SketchUp would probably render it to the view as a rasterized version, but vector export would honor the original vector image.

I don’t know what the license is for the PAT format, but that and pdf an dwg and dxf and additional formats may be useful, otherwise perhaps an extension could convert to svg.


I think like you.
Skalp 4.0 has similar functionality. But it has some bugs, and it works only to export to DWG/DXF.
Particularly I would like to use only the Sketchup + Layout combination.

Skalp must have been quite difficult to implement as an extension as it emulates concepts deep in the SketchUp core like rendering pipeline. Its product design can be a valuable source of inspiration for SketchUp features.


It is a text format. How to write them is covered in the AutoCad documentation. Several other CAD applications use them, and very many free ones can be downloaded from the Internet.

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This is genius. Right now I use materials for color perspective views, and color-by-layer with texture images for elevations.

Better flat text. Use of normal fonts in skp. 2d. When possible an option where it would always be readable whatever the vieuwpoint. When adding electrical symbols to a drawing we need regular text to be added. 3d text is useless for this, as it becomes a problem in layout.
Now you have to add the text afterwards in layout.

Add 3d Text as a new editable entity type. It can be “converted” to a bunch of dumb edges and faces when exploded, like an Image element, but until then you should be able to double click it to bring up the 3D text window and change the text or the font.



or better raytraced AO… there are so many supercool implementations atm… GTAO for example… would be super to have some more visual fidelity in SU…

or ray traced softshadows on demand…

There are multiple options for rendering [Vray, Twinmotion, Podium, etc, etc, etc ]… trimble needs to focus on its core components and highest on that list is LAYOUT