the ∞ SketchUp Wish List



My wish (if not possible already . . . amateur hear) In LO; For each scene/viewport, be able to set transparency.


When AutoCAD went to the ribbon I hated it. Then the more I used it the more I loved it and it can be customized to your needs. Could never go back now.


Maybe too late for SU2018, but here goes my 2 cents:

  • If possible, please make Layer colors linked to Styles. Then we could have different layer color sets for different scenes.

  • Plus, it would be cool to have a “None” color for Layers, so we could “ignore” a layer color and see the color of a nested component’s layer. Just like it does with materials apllied on nested components.



Users should be forced to get used to the SketchUp UI. It should be intuitive the first time you see it. Only by using well established conventions that can be achieved.


More advanced styling would be really useful. I’d like to be able to apply different styles to different layers (e.g. use sketchy edges on a suggested addition while the surrounding environment is more realistic). Style per layer in combination with monochrome face style and custom default material color could be used to achieve different materials for different layers in different scenes too. The tricky question is how to implement the user interface so it makes sense and can be understood.


SolidWorks allows you to switch on ambient occlusion, which manages to give you a very convincing instant render without seeming to use much computing power. It would be amazing to see this feature in SketchUp.


Multiple modeling views simultaneously like Rhino or the new Vectoroworks.

Section cut fills

Layout needs to handle vector/ hybrid curves better. I do a lot of bolts/ metal work and sometimes i have to use vectorworks to illustrate section details of a bolt pattern.

Maybe assigning components or groups to specific displays for easier layout, like if all your complex geometry stayed on pixels and your line work went vector. Kind of like a selective hybrid mode.

More fabrication tools, like solidworks sheet metal tools

I know this is highly unlikely but maybe being able to draw real curved surfaces without segments so you can export them directly to a 5 axis machine to be milled or unfolded/ bent. Like i said, more fabrication tolerances/ tools.


Multiple (2D) views is nothing but a work around for bad 3D abilities. SketchUp has a really advanced inference engine for that instead.

I agree about most of the other things though.

Fabrication tools sounds like it would be best suited as an extension since not all users need it.


I agree on the inference ability and its used always, i just like the ability i have in rhino & vectorworks when i want it, i can also have a screen dedicated to a perspective ISO view and be working on ortho views on my other screen and see it take shape without orbiting around.

Fabrication tools however is a must, proper material thickness offsets(surface offsets) unfolding, interior corner radius, overall scaling while maintain material dimensions when the client says they want it a different size rather than resizing all components just scale snap to the exterior dim etc. etc. etc.


Simple two nice features


Firt: download and by software, second: read the documentations or watch video.


I would like a way to angle the camera at a certain angle. Like sometimes I want to take a screenshot flat on a precise angle. Like maybe you can type in how many inches/centimeters from the x/y/z axis, and then it will precisely angle the view. I am not sure about how other angles should be inputted though.


@atomicjellydragon, have you explored the functionality of the ‘Position Camera’ tool?
Drag the tool’s cursor along the dashed line (yellow in image), ending at the target and letting go of the LeftMouse button right there.


That could be done with Camera>Field of View


Is this what you are looking for?


Give me one big 3D [perpective] like SU

rather than four little 2D views…

SU has the best modelling interface of all…

It puts you right in the model


Does anyone have an approximate release date for SU 2018?


If it goes like recent previous releases, it’ll be this month. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. The people who really know won’t say.


I would also like to see a more advanced relationship between layers/styles and Layout.

If I could control the visibility and line weights of individual sketchup layers from within a Layout file/template it would go a long way to improving the documentation aspect.

Line weights are very important in architecture and at the moment you have to force the system to produce them in a rather convoluted way. If they could streamline this process in a much more intuitive and simplified way the uptake of sketchup pro for a documentation system within small architectural practice will be massive.

All good architects I know absolutely love sketchup as a design tool, but dont like it as a documentation tool.

Bridge that gap and watch the number of subscribers jump world wide.


Hello SketchUp community, I searched for certain terms and end up finding this wish list. I just can’t help to ask for this and if this already exist someone might tell me where to find, which is:
If I’m inside a group and I want to Zoom or use Standard Views, make this actions based on this group’s coordinates.
I often end up not placing my mouse perfectly directly above the group so this simple tasks become so frustrating. At least, like, if I press a modifier key (ctrl/right or left shift/alt/fn) then the tool will take only the group’s coordinates as reference.
I made a quick 35s video of what happen:

You can see that if I don’t position the mouse right on top of that window’s frame, zooming is messed up, if I end up zooming in/out and get inside other structures like a wall, because the wall covers all my screen I can’t zoom back to where I was, I know I can hide the wall but how about making the zoom tool better than before you know. And then finally, the standard view, first I chose the Front view and I don’t have any idea on how i end up inside the wall, then the Top view which placed the camera above an area that I had no interest at all since I was editing stuff inside a group.
That’s it for my Wish List, if I have anything else to add I edit this post. I hope the devs keep up with the great work.