the ∞ SketchUp Wish List



I agree that one of the great things about SketchUp is the simple clean user interface and that you can do amazing things with that simplicity, I love SU the way it is, I just thought a ribbon would have being a good idea, a simple ribbon by the way.

And if ribbon menus are so bad, why is it so popular?


I would say they are common, not popular. Most people I’ve met don’t like them at all because they are non-standard and often come with different kinds of glitches due to bad implementation.


An offset tool that automatically closes small gaps in edges would be nice.

I often offset curves and lines, and I find many small gaps and overlaps occur. Even with the recently improved offset.


When tracing over an imported image and creating new faces, it is usual for the eye dropper tool to select the mateiral of the image itself, rather than selcting materials of faces that are drawn over it (they are typically coplanar).

Can the eyedropper tool prioritise materials that were created more recently, or deprioritise an imported image (JPG, BMP etc)? Alternatively the eyedropper could have an option/modifier that allow it to cycle through materials which appear on coplanar faces.



why are you needing the eye dropper in this workflow?

if you painted a face, the image material has already been replaced…

the last used material will still be in the bucket…



An image is used as an ‘underlay’, and Im tracing on top of it .

  • For example I could use an aerial photo,and trace over the outlines of buildings. I dont want to modify or replace the aerial image, I just draw faces on top of it, move them around, etc.

Once I have created faces, these are co-planar with the image. When I begin coloring them, it is quick for me to use the eyedropper to select colours from previously coloured faces…however, the eyedropper tool always wants to select the background image…even if the image is locked.

Drawing buildings on an aerial is a simple example. What I typically find myself doing is converting 2d information (from PDFs and scanned images) to create a 3d model, adding my own design information as I go. 2d images can include aerials, detailed architectural plans, landscaping and engineering site plans, topographical info, etc. I would be tracing and creating new geometry for buildings, carparks, hard surface treatments, plus 100s of other urban objects. It can get very complicated.

I just find the eye dropper keeps selecting the background image rather than the faces I’ve been working on…and that behaviour seems illogical to me.


I think you are seeing the faces fighting with each other - especially if they are all coplanar.


It should work just the way SKETCHUP does - why introduce a foreign interface schema ?


Please include disabled pages also in pdf exporter not just for presentation. It would be very usefull, while you can make your own templates for pages and use them if you need, otherwise check them off and they don’t show in PDF. I don’t think it is so hard to do that.

Thanks in advance


multicore support for workability. Please


No one has managed to create a multicore modelling application. Autodesk promised to make AutoCad and 3DS max multicore almost 25 years ago, and we are still waiting. Rendering applications and non-realtime rendering functions in 3D applications have supported multiple threads for years.


Hey guys!

Have you think about in buying Skalp and making a native pluging for sketchup in follow versions?. Would be great to have this app integrated with the software.



You do think more of Layout tasks can be done using multicore? It seems a bit slow to respond - eg drawing Hybrid mode, exporting PDFs, updating the model, etc… can this be improved?


And you sure are! Hi people! I’m new here but as soon as I saw “wish list” I figured it’s my chance to let all know that I would sooo love to see in SU 2018, functionality that enables you to attach multiple objects/textures etc to a single color palette, which can then be operated/changed with a single handle. For example, on Move just one of the handles and the entire palette changes! So good for interior design, for example! (Unless of course, that functionality already exists for SketchUp?!?!)


I am no programmer. Some software vendors are using this kind of approach to speed up certain tasks. For instance, newer Archicad versions say they can use multithreading in the background to pre-render non active views or sheets (corresponding roughly to pages in LayOut) to speed up switching between them. Honestly, I am not quite sure if I see an improvement.


Not directly, but easily implemented :
draw some rectangles and pick the color from screen:

Adobe has a similar service :


Add API to obtain the current Model-View-Projection matrix of opengl drawings. In pre 2017 mode, the render engine uses OpenGL 1.0 and it’s easy to retreive this matrix in native opengl calls. But this is not possible for SU2017, because it has changed to more modern opengl pipeline. Although I have found some alternative to hook the glmatrix4fv calling, but it will cause some random wrong matrices, especially when the view is near to a group.


Please connect Dynamic Components with scenes.

That could add a great way to animate objects for presentations.


We already have GOTOSCENE(“sceneName”,time,easin,easeout)
function, what more than you can save in scenes do you need?


I’d like a check box in the Scenes dialog box that would allow to save different states of the Dynamic Components. So,if I had an on-click animation between two object positions - I could have them change with the help of Scenes - not clicking. That would allow me to export this animation in a video file.

I know there are are animation plugins for this, but such a change would allow other SketchUp users to view this animation as well, without using the plugins. Would be great if this could be integrated in the SketchUp Viewer as well.