The ∞ SketchUp Wish List

A small thing. Please, please please change the drop down list of assignable layers in Entity Info so it can display more than the current 5! (on Mac) also maybe a keystroke list jump. I use a lot of layers and having to scroll through a list that only shows 5 at a time. A small thing but a big productivity boost.


Did you know that while the Layer drop down list is open, you can type the first letter or so of the layer name to get to it more quickly. That can save you from scrolling the list altogether.

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Not on a mac it doesn’t. It starts typing and adds a new layer. :0( it’s very annoying. As soon as you click the drop down it focussed on the form entry field, you can scroll but if you hit a key it starts to input text into he field.

you can use the arrow up/down keys, but none of the jump modifiers…


Adjustable dimensions like in OnShape, where you can drag the number and place it where it makes the most visual sense.

For Layout: add ‘move drawing to origin’ to the options when importing dxf/dwg files.
Reason: 2018: dxf - failed to insert

You mean something like this? It’s already available in LayOut.

Its been covered in an older thread, but a PAGE INDEX feature in Layout would seem really easy to make through the auto-text feature. Pretty crazy its not an option and all page names have to be manually entered on my cover page table of contents.


Nested layers, please. Like in, for example, McNeel Rhino.

Large models often need many layers.

But once you go above 30 or so layers, the initial apparent simplicity of a flat layer hierarchy soon turns into an unnecessary awkwardness. Now, how do I quickly hide all 13 vegetation type layers? Where is my 6th rooftype layer? Hmm… Let me group the layers, and problem is solved. Wait a minute - Sketchup won’t let me.

And please rename “layers” to “tags” or similar, based on the layer management improvements that @eneroth3 has previously suggested.


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I am surprised nobody else liked or replied. This has been a consistent problem for me so far. That being said- I have recently re-worked my layers and it may be possible that using a lot of layers with good naming convention and using them diligently will eliminate this problem (with a little bit of “send forward/back” command)- can’t say for sure yet.

Also the LO outliner would need to be a little bit different than the SU outliner, given that Layers in LO have more control over stuff than Layers in SU

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I really like the idea of the standard view with respect to components and not just the model.

The camera-in-the-wall thing is a real pain, I would welcome any changes that could potentially avoid that. Maybe a key you need to press to pass through an existing face, like in the walk around tool?

One thing I use to cope with this problem is [ Camera > Previous ]. It takes you to your previous camera location, and is very helpful once you’ve run through a wall. You can make a shortcut for this command - I use ( ` ).


Scene sets to manage different view groups.
Ability to set autosave location so it wont keep messing with my cloud autobackup.


Dude, [ Camera > Previous ] is really helpful, thanks for telling me that. :+1:

If you need it frequently, set up a keyboard shortcut for it.

First of all, I’m a paying SketchUp Pro user. Please let SketchUp run under Linux. Please Please Please. I’m sick of having to support the insecure and constantly under attack Windows platform, constantly playing cat and mouse with 99% of the hackers on this planet.

I’ve been fighting some Windows problem where SketchUp 2018 can’t load its extensions. I have had a crew waiting for my designs for a week now, and I can’t deliver because some Windows 10 permissions problem that Trimble and their forums can’t figure out.sketchupload


UV mapping or some sort of texture editing for complex shapes.

It would be great to have one button “update” in material preview just for update selected material wit hew updated image with same name. Otherwise you need to click edit and then reopen same updated image.

Update image

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The material should be updated live when it is edited. There shouldn’t any need for a button.

For layout please, connect Pages with PDF export. I don’t use presenter at all, but I have template with predefined views in layout pages and it would be perfect to select some pages and turn it off in PDF export.

This option would be nice.

p.s. Pages that are turned of are not in sequence and I cannot use “From-To” in exporter.

Export PDF-01