The project of a lifetime!

At 61 years old, I’ve just taken on a dream home vision that first struck me as a 16 year old boy. Sketchup, which I’ve only just discovered one short month ago, is the perfect program to help realize this dream and inspire ideas. It is at once, both simple and complex which is at once, both welcomed and confounding.

My hope and intention is to begin construction in April of 2020. Due to a couple of unusual elements in these home plans, I would benefit greatly from some form of personalized help, if I’m to achieve my plans to start construction this next spring. This forum and various YouTube and SketchUp tutorials are great, but I will still get stuck in the mud occasionally and need direction.

Looking for recommendations or offers from someone who would be agreeable to helping me with some, as needed and personalized professional SketchUp training… for a fee of course.

I am looking forward to this learning curve!!


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(moving into the Commercial and Collaborative Work section fo the forum)

Sounds exciting… but that April of 2020 will be a hard date to hit! :wink:


… unless you have also realised the dream of time travel!

Did you mean April 2021?

I could help you with the early stages of learning SU (but I don’t want a fee - I’m retired on a generous pension).

However, you would need other more experienced (and probably paid) help with construction documentation and planning permissions or equivalent at later stages. Send me a private message if you would like to talk further by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom., and see if I can help.

I’ve done the same kind of thing for several other learners but none was for a house. Two recent ones have gone on with great success to elaborate models in their respective fields.

I’m in St Albans, England, near London and in the GMT time zone. I see you are in Eastern Canada. That shouldn’t be an issue - one of my (then) learners was in New York, though we have since met and enjoyed each other’s company, and I still keep in touch with both him and his wife. He’s about your age or a little older.


Yes… the Commercial and Collaborative Work forum would have been more appropriate. Thanks Aaron… and D’oh, spring of 2021 of course. I don’t think any of us would like a repeat of 2020!!


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Sounds great! Even 2021 Spring is closer than you think, considering permits etc. Get drawing!

Hi John… hope this message gets through. I’m connected through my phone here. The power went out here a couple of hours ago and I have no Internet. I saw lightning here last night that literally made me think a nuclear bomb had been dropped. Did not look like any lightning I’ve ever seen… and then the thunder rumbled steadily for close to 30 seconds, before a gradual 5 or 10 second fade away. I’ve never seen anything like. Pooh Bear was completely freaked out… me as well actually.

Okay, the power has just come back on as I typed that last sentence.

Scary sounding. Did you mean to post this on the public thread?