The Power of SketchUp

Client Bath Preview Renders


Which render motor do you have used to have a beautiful or sublime pictures, in my case I use Twilight Render 2.0

SU Podium 2.5+

I like the way it allows you to custom modify the rendering presets.

Lovely and beautiful

wow beautiful work! Just amazing! Just curious, how long did it take you to complete this?

Building the model took a couple of hours. Render time about the same.

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Amazing to create such detailed work in a few hours and what great rendering also. Thanks for sharing this!

You are using CabMaker 2 is that correct?

Yes…CabMaker2. See the latest iteration of the same bath. Revisions took a couple of minutes but the renders a couple of hours.

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Really wonderful work. Well done. Please post more examples of your work when available.