The Power of Components

Just thought I would share the “work in Progress” model a 140,000m2 of apartments I am designing / modeling now… note the file size [1.4mb]]

Shows how effective using components can be…

Here is a close up of the level of detailing , - sufficient for primary spatial, circulation and structural layout… as well as development approval and concept visuals [in Twinmotion, for trees / cars, people]

And it also have a volumetric [mass] tag to show schematic building functions layout [core, apartments, FOH, BOH, Retail, Office spaces etc

Here is the Tag [data] structure for those that are interested

Ohh, includes basement parking layouts

So no more complaints please from users about file sizes being too big for SU :slight_smile:


That’s pretty neat! I also am a component nerd - sometimes overdoing it a bit so I change something and don’t realize it’s also being changed in 15 other (unintended) places but components (and more importantly: nested and subnested components) are totally awesome!!!

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Yes, that can be tricky… I prefer groups inside the components as they are optimised by the parent component anyway… eg the component here are mostly the repeated tower floors and the spaces within those floors eg lift cores, firestairs,… the columns ( as they are are all aligned vertically)… used Profile Builder 3 to generate shopfronts, railings… so they also have embedded vertical compenents… mullions… posts etc

PS… this is not the final aesthetics… primarily getting the right spaces in the right places… some architectural embelishment comes last to break up the repetitiveness…

Components are the best!

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I designed a 4 floor contemporary hotel using a similar technique. All rooms were components with about 4 types being unique. Then they were rotated, mirrored,etc to create the variety. It worked out pretty well.
The main level where the public spaces were was 100% unique. Including the lobby, restaurant, pool was indoor -outdoor. Big fancy terraces with custom sail shaped light pedistals, (on 3d Warehouse) even had a band. Had 5 roof options.
Used as many groups and components as possible. It has 3d plants, cars, people as well as face me objects. I rendered it with all the materials and custom lighting and furniture.
The lighting worked in 8 zones on dimmers.
Unfortunately, the owner got cold feet.

Used scenes to move around to keep mousing to a minimum. It was only a tiny bit slow, but used a fast scene to make that tolerable. If nothing else, it was a good exercise. 100% in SU.

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