The new (not Google) SketchUp. How does that affect things?


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SketchUp was sold to Trimble Navigation years ago during the version 8 cycle (re-branded at Maintenance Release 4, 28 AUG 2012.)

The edition name “SketchUp Free” ended with SketchUp version 8.

From SketchUp 2013 onward, the no-cost edition is renamed “SketchUp Make” and licensed for personal non-commercial use only. (Refer to the SketchUp Terms of Use.)

One of the major new features is the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. It is fully integrated with SketchUp since version 2013. A dialog interface can be opened from inside SketchUp (a ruby gem busting out of a cardboard box.)
This dialog window can install the extensions you choose, simply by clicking an install button. When your installed extensions need updating, the EW button icon will display an overlay of a orange circle with black update arrows inside it.
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Refer to the Release Notes for all the many things that changed since you last used SketchUp.
Release Notes:

This is why it’s edition was renamed “Make” as well as the Trimble SketchUp division’s involvement with Maker Faire.

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To further increase SketchUp’s 3D print versatility, download the SketchUp Team’s STL Import / Export extension:
Or install it via the Extension Warehouse dialog from inside SketchUp.
(Just search for the word “STL”.)


Cannot install on W10, get err msg