The Mysterious Case of the Paint Bucket Tool in 2021!

Some of you may or may not have noticed that in previous versions of SketchUp (and I think it was pretty much an original feature) before 2021 the paint bucket’s little circle at its tip would disappear when it couldn’t detect geometry or a face. I used to think this was very useful for detecting straight away why you weren’t able to apply colour or texture (it was a useful troubleshooting device). And I also felt it was handy for those starting out in SketchUp as a learning aid, so I included it as a useful tip in my online course content.

I noticed in one of the recent 2021 updates that the circle is now static regardless as to whether it is placed over geometry (or a face) or not. I’m not necessarily complaining about this (I totally am), I was just wondering if you guys were aware of this - I’m thinking that perhaps it was done to try and improve performance?

Has anyone else noticed the static circle on the paint bucket or do I need to get out more?!

Video for reference! :point_down:


Haha. I’ve never noticed it before! I don’t see where it doesn’t occur, except empty space… so far! What seems more important is when the paint bucket is over a component instead of face. I HATE it when I paint a component by mistake!