The macspider engine

Here’s something I called “macspider”. It was made with SketchUp 2020 and some extensions like VertexTools, QuadFace Tools and SUbD. Originally it was designed for a rendering challenge hosted by Fabio Palvelli, but I decided to dig into it. A quite fun-to-do project!


It cannot attack because there is no 3.5" floppy in the disk drive! All its brains have to fit on one…


It was removed to avoid any trouble with the neighborhood. Now it’s brainless but friendly :joy:

Wow Awesome!

I can see an animation where it comes trouncing up to the camera and then the screen comes to life and says “Hi”

My first Mac (Mac SE) looked like that — minus the spider arms of course!

Very cool and fun model!

No, that is either the original Macintosh or Macintosh Plus (my first computer) Yours was the ultracool whizbang model.