The future of SketchUp

Hi Aaron,
Can you clarify then why SU doesn’t have the ability to read old & new versions/EW-Models ?
If it did, then all this ‘backwork’ as you note, wouldn’t be required would it ?
Is that the gist of it ?

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The big thingy Arron mentioned was cost and time. To touch each model in the 3DWH every time there needs to be a change or update. I know for a fact some of the stuff I uploaded over the years, especially early on.

Well, stunk or was more of a doodle then a working model. Most are just sitting there doing nothing. Wonder how many Gig’s of server space are used holding something. That is not worth the time to fix to be useable??

Didn’t they mention revamping it like 5 years ago( 2015 ? 2016)

Thought there was mention of an area of the Warehouse to be for complete, or ’ correct models’. They had to meet criteria, requirements. Just like what is required of a plug-in or extension to work.

You make the modeler bear the responsibility of assuring it’s correct. How many of the 4 million models are usable ? How many are even worth the time to downloading ?? Let alone having to update them every release.

Other sites have better options in all compatible 3D formats as well as SketchUp’s default to import.

Picture a 3D Warehouse Area that was like Unity’s Asset Store ??

Hats off to All who can get $ 5 or $10 bucks from a plug-in. If your think your model is worth $10 / $50 or $125 at least it will be correct and formatted. To a point that it is worth supporting on the server. Then the modeler is responsible for providing the file versions whether it is free or cash sale. .

Just an idea, I know the Warehouse is there, but never think to use it. Because I have better sources of example to use. Also the time saved not filtering out what is unusable.

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SketchUp 2020 can read in any file that is from 2020 or earlier. The general answer is that if the file was made in a later version that had more features, older versions of SketchUp don’t know how to process the new features.

That has changed in SketchUp 2021, it has been set up to ignore the new features, if there are any in the file. If the model is only using features that existed with 2021, then the file is going to completely work. For files that will be made in the latest version, say at the end of 2024, the file will still open in 2021, but whatever magical features have been added in the next 3 1/2 years will not be visible in 2021.


I cannot. I am just repeating what has been said here on the forum in the past. I know it takes time and server to create and store versions of files and we limit the number of versions due to the millions of files we host at no cost to users.

Not a Warehouse developer or involved in the running or development at all… just relaying info from previous conversations.

■■■■ wright … its only to push people


I can’t wrap my head around paying for Sketchup to begin with. Even with a graphics oriented gaming computer, the app is glitchy and a pain to deal with once there is a fair amount of data involved. Redraws, editing, and navigation are slow. Editing is tricky because choosing the correct object can be a challenge when many points are involved. Any macro written for improving a task or simplifying one has to be added, typically with having to pay a developer for it.

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The answer is simple: You pay if you use it for work.

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Does the Pro version perform better than the free one?

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Pro 2021 performs better than Make 2016. The year versions work identically. But that is not the point.

SketchUp feels like it was a whole new fresh idea created outside of the “old CAD world”. A new bright take on how to create in 3D.
Then handed over to an “old CAD world” player and is it being dragged down back into the old world?
Wouldn’t it have been better staying in the hands of the New World?


SketchUp was developed with a ‘senior’ draftsmen in mind in a time that youngsters where playing with (2D) Cad.
It could very well be that it is now going to be part of getting the ‘older’ generation into a new world of collaboration in a BIM methodology with Trimble Connect, Predesign a new 3D Warehouse with ‘live’ components, constructible processes on the job site, robotic implementations and scanning of these sites to control and deliver digital twins, etc. etc.

They never complain or discuss the future of charcoal or pencils😀

Remember, it’s not the tools that make a master or professional…


You may be right, but it seems to me that SketchUp v1 was made to compensate for the difficulty of creating in 3D in Autocad. It was a kind of Autocad accessory. And then v2 and v3 made it a full-fledged 3D tool?

Interesting… I don’t see SketchUp into this future, for example Live Component is based on an exterior development

I’m not totally convinced, tools and methods are very important.
Didn’t Le Corbusier develop a method of composition, doesn’t SOM do research and development in computer tools? I don’t know, I’m asking the question.

Every pretended “new version” that trimble supplies make things worse and more and more problems appear while nothing indeed improved only let sketchup loyal users feel disgusting from the way to feel milked by trimble and for really no significant improvement back. But now I get smarter and decide to move to Rhino it is for far more powerful and at least they respect there long time users, almost all sketchup plugins are converted from Rhino. I will say STOP to trimble you Re a greedy crocks.
Google should never leaved sketchup to trimble.
Shame on Trimble.

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Hi, Rhino is your right alternative, by the way all sketchup plugins are converted from Rhino ( Mc neel).

How do you know that? Do you have an example “converted” plugin? Have you done it yet? Have you seen a man who did it?
How to do the conversion? I’m sincerely curious!


Regardless coding matter sketchup hasn t emplimented what call gumball tool in Rhino and native line profile in sketchup is still not correct or uncomplete

You just saying some “facts” without any evidence…

Check out vertex tools plugin - there is a kind of gumball tool.
IMVHO, That the nature of sketchup, the product can extended with some useful plugins, but on the other hand you can make your designs with the oob software too by using a really useful gui.
If you want more and use a complex gui, then select a other software…

Just my two (euro) cents.


I don’t really understand what you mean. I don’t know about Rhino. What is a “gumball” tool? What do you mean by “native line profile in sketchup”? How does this relate to converting plugins?

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Just google it .
For plugins it is a commands existing in rhino from decades

Thats make now clear, that your statement is not valid - just my impression.
Now that thread goes in the direction like the blender discussion- use rhino, its much better.
Simple answer: yes use rhino (noone is forcing you to use sketchup only), but do not ask for stuff used in rhino MUST be part of future releases of sketchup without a proper explanation.