The follow-up of a modeler, why not?

Yes we are a community, but yet we can not score a modeller into favorites (of course, there is no favorites), or even follow his work.
I like to … “liked”, because it’s the only way to register someone interesting !
But if I want to be notified of his new models, I have to search on my own, and the list is so loooooooooong that I gave up.
So when, the follow-up of favorite modellers ?

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What I do is go to the Warehouser’s page of Models, then bookmark it. I use Firefox and have a bookmark bar. I have a “Sketchup” folder on that bar, and a subfolder for various Warehousers. That way, I don’t have to search for anything - I just click on the bookmarks and naturally, any new work they’ve uploaded will be at the top of the page.

Hope this helps until (if) such a feature is implemented.