The dreaded infamous lagging selection tool

I finally had my computer updated to windows 10. I now have the sticking selection tool. Im running the sketchup make. 2017 I think. I tried my old installer I saved from the old OS, and I tried a newer installer I found on the net. Same results

I tried rolling back the update, but all the videos I found on this fix were old, and people were rolling back
updates from long ago. It didnt work for me. I poked around everywhere, but all the info I found was old.
Im running an i5 intel. 8 gigs ram. It runs everything else great, including audio recording software, running synths and tons of audio tracks.
Its pretty clean right now. 2 terabytes of space with very very little being used.
I also tried changing graphics options. High perfomance etc… Nothing has worked.

Im hoping someone has a fix for me.

Still the same Intel graphics listed in your profile? You might want to update at least the Windows version in your profile.