The Dizziness of SketchUp

Like any dedicated SU user, I am just that, dedicated. I started messing around with it in 2012 and then I became a serious user three years ago. I even started a small business based entirely around SU. But here is the thing. How the heck can I remember everything I’ve learned about SU? I am always finding myself looking back to videos and blogs to ‘refresh’ my memory on how to do this and how to do that. But now that the video and blog count is getting to high it gets harder and harder to find what I’m looking for. So what is your secret? How do you keep track of it all? Do you use cheat sheets, lists, posty notes? Surely I can’t be the only one with this dilemma. Chime in and help a fellow SU user cure his dizziness.

use it every day, all day.

SketchUp has less to remember than AutoCAD, so we have it pretty easy… Comparatively. There is a learning curve though.

I watch their Youtube tutorials.

I sometimes use their help center.

If all else fails, I ask for help on the forums.

That might help.

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I can imagine that it more or less depends on how proficient you are and as a result of that: what are you looking for. Replay of how to use certain plugins? Basic stuff?

How did you start with SketchUp. Learning the native tools first and only then plugins/extentions?
I didn’t look at plugins for more than a year (except for ‘Weld’ and maybe one or two others). That helped me a lot.
2012? By now you should know how most of SketchUp works. Even when waking up in the middle of the night.
So it has to be the few most important extentions you are using. Practice, time and again.
Some cheat sheats may also be helpful, like for shortcuts.

I thought you is on the mac?

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I have a list of shortcuts. Mostly they are memorized. Occasionally I’ll refer to it.
I keep a notebook just for sketchup stuff…tips…procedures I have worded out, etc.
Like procedures to generate contours and so forth.
I find it WAY easier than AutoCAD and Revit!!!SKETCHUP SHORTCUTS.pdf|attachment (68.8 KB)

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