Textures missing

Textures sometimes transparent other times missing (when one overlaps another in the background often).
Anyone else have this problem? Is there a plan to fix it?

Is anyone else having this issue?
I am viewing on Samsung GT-I9505 and Samsung GT-N5110.

I have experimented with test files, but cannot find any logical explanation …

  • reversing faces
  • grouping then applying materials
  • solid groups
  • just faces

Are there any known limitations?

Here is a screenshot based on “Architectural Design - Millimetres”

On PC…

test2015.skp (246.6 KB)

3d warehouse

I have also checked the following thread, but the suggested solution does nothing.
Models viewing problem (3d Warehouse and MobileViewer)

Using the same file I added copies of the same group and applied a plain colour material to it and now the remainder is rendered correctly?

test2015b.skp (237.6 KB)