Textures are importing with incorrect proportions

I seem to have a recurring issue on different models where once I upload a texture onto SketchUp using the paint bucket tab, the texture will import at a totally different scale/proportion to what the actual image looks like. I know that I can edit those properties individually by unlinking the width and height aspect ratio, but then I end up guessing what the value is to try get the texture the same size as the original image.

How can I make sure that my textures always upload with the correct proportions? It’s an incredibly annoying problem to have when I am trying to upload wallpaper and artwork textures that need to be a specific size.

I have attached a picture of the texture I tried to upload and how SketchUp shows it once I’ve uploaded it (It’s squished vertically, you can see the original image size in the paint bucket tab). It happens with different proportions for every single texture I upload.

When you use that import method you need to then go in and edit the dimensions of the texture so SketchUp knows how large an area it should cover. If you don’t want to do that, draw a rectangle of the correct size and then use FIle>Import to import the texture. Apply it to the rectangle by clicking on the lower left corner and then an edge on the opposite side. The dimensions will then be set automatically. I prefer this method especially if I’m importing a number of textures because it’s faster.


Okay great that method works, thanks so much!

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