Texture / paint option not clear or blurred after applying to objects in model


The colors show up in a glow in the model and also causes loss of detail in the object itself after its applied. The detailed clarity of the objects in the model is only possible when the objects are close proximity. As the objects are zoomed out (but still within 30 to 50 feet that anyone should see outside) This happens with textures in Sketchup and from other imported textures by other developers such as Sketchuptextures.com. Is there a simple adjustment in sketchup tool menu to correct this? Posted are comparison graphs where the detail is clear and unclear with closeup and distant views with the textures applied. thanks

screensave.pdf (961.8 KB)

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly how you set up the file and give you some useful advice.

I uploaded a screenshot of the comparisons to better explain the problem. Was this received ?

Assy.skp (8.6 MB)

Yes but it doesn’t provide enough information.

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thanks, there is a fence that also has problems with clarity once you zoom out, but within a 30 to 50 feet and in real world the detail should be still seen in the fence for anyone. There are two fences one on the ground and one fence on one of the walls

The fence on the wall which is a black color, starts to merge together as you zoom out. And looks like a solid object instead

A large part of the problem is you’ve applied the texture to the group instead of the faces inside and your molding profile has unsoftened edges.

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Are you referring to what I show selected here?

If so, it should be expect that the detail will merge together as you zoom out. There’s not enough contrast between the light and dark areas and the detail is fairly small. It would also help if you either set Profile Edges to 1 or turn them off altogether.

Here I’ve softened the edges on the molding and applied the material to the faces instead of the group. I’ve also set Profile to 1 so there no heavy black edges overwhelming the textures as you zoom out.

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I do remember that most of my project models I’ve applied the textures from paint bucket tool in the menu in a “group” instead of a dissassembled object because the group can have multiple items in the group, but saved time going though each item to apply it at once. So do I need to disassemble and apply textures color to each item within the group ? Sorry, but not sure what is meant by molding profile. Regarding soften edges which is in the display tray option, I thought this is meant to hide lines such as geometry. . But the lines in my models are the detail that I want to keep and I put this detail in to ensure it would show up.

Yes, there is much improvement after textures were applied to each of the faces instead of the group at once. I’m still trying to figure out how softening edges might help thanks for that

Just open the group for editing and apply the materials. You can apply materials to groups but you give up control over how the material looks. Might be faster up front to paint the groups but itwill cost you time later.

The shape of that molding that has the marble material applied to it.

If you want the edges unsoftened then expect the molding to look dark or even black when you zoom out because the edges will be displayed. Softening those edges doesn’t remove the detail. You can see that in my last screenshot. It’s still very clearly the molding you modeled.

Here’s an example. On the left, a cylinder with the edges between faces softened. On the right, a copy of the same cylinder with the edges unsoftened.

The appearance after zooming out.
Screenshot - 11_10_2022 , 3_18_08 PM

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Yes, it is clearer now. I had the “softening edges” confused with the other option used for “hiding geometry” in other models. The screenshot provided for the improved version does look better and clearer, thanks

Thanks so much !!

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yeah, in general, painting on groups is good for plain colours, but as soon as you work with actual photo textures, you sacrifice beauty / quality for quickness, and it might be better to go paint inside the groups.

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Good morning,

There was some improvement in the textures after applying them inside the group. But there is another issue coming up that was common among all the objects applied. The texture has a glow effect and compromises the actual texture tone. The glow increases on the color textures as it is zoomed out and decreases the glow and clarity in closer proximity. Can the glow be removed for a more realistic appearance because in real world views, there shouldn’t be a glow from the colors such as trees or buildings… Or a more subdued effect in the texture is needed.

How can any of the architecture groups be separated into subgroups to be able to apply texture to each subgroup? Because molding/frame is one group. Once in the edit mode, you can’t go any further and I’m assuming the texture can be applied in one application.

I posted another updated file from the same model for comparisons between the architectures and frames. The fence in the previous reference is also displayed to find out how to prevent the “merging” effect between fence material. The similar effect is as you zoom out the fence looks like a solid object and can be distinguished in close proximity .
How do you set the Profile Edges to 1 or turned off if that helps clarity in the items?

Assy.skp (9.2 MB)

You have the edge color set to By Material so the edge color will be the average color of the texture. In this case the edges appear lighter than the textured surfaces. And in the original molding group you have not softened the edges. When you zoom out all those lighter colored edges are overwhelming the texture on the faces. It’s basically the same thing you had yesterday with the black edges overwhelming the texture.

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The fences are black color and are displayed along with the frames. Its not the light colored fence on the ground that I referred to. The black colored fences which have several copies are small. And these merge to appear solid blocks at a distance instead

Is softening edges in the display tray? I thought I already did this with the adjustment slide bar.

Of course they will. The gaps between the wires are closer together at the greater distance. This is the way perspective work.


Yes but you have to select the edges you want to soften before you use the slider.

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