Texture orientation

Hello there, I am trying to better visualise the finished product and have imported a texture from the 3D Warehouse for plywood ends.

It is working fine on a lot of the ends but so are oriented the wrong way, can you please tell me how I change the orientation of the ply texture?

Right click > Texture > Position.

make sure face is open for editing ( not closed in a group ) right / context click and use the icons to manipulate, you probably just need to use the green rotate.
Once you have one oriented the way you want, you can use the eye dropper on it to then use it (copy it) elsewhere., which is handy if you have the same texture running in different directions.


Thanks for your reply. I was playing about and found it as you suggested. I chose the wrong option so undit it, now I can’t find the option!

Single click the face so only the face and not the edges are highlighted, then right click and the texture option will be there.