Texture or image?

When should we import a jpg as an image or as a texture?
Thank you.

How do you want to use the image in your model? As an image to trace over? Or to hang on a wall? Or a big background sky? Or do you want to paint a wall or some other geometry with it? If you want to paint geometry you already have with this image and be able to adjust it (rotation, scale, etc) then import as a texture.

When should I walk and when should I take the bus? That’s a tough question.

It depends.
If you know you need the image for tracing or to still be visible when editing inside other groups or components, then import as image
To easily stretch over faces, then maybe as texture. (can also be done later)
If not sure, then import as image. Then make a copy and explode the copy to become texture. Now you have both at your disposal in your modeling space.
There are other situations that make you want to import as one or the other.

Thank you Wo3Dan. It is clear now!!

Thank you endlessfix!!!