Texture imported from Rhino

Hello there,

When I import a model from Rhino, the textures lose definition, does anybody know why?

Thank you.


Impossible to tell from what little information you’ve provided.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are looking at.

Jellybean-1000x1200_Rev02.skp (3.3 MB)

Hi Dave,

Here we go.

As you can see the textures have lost definition after being exported from Rhino. D

Thank you.


In Preferences, OpenGL, there is a checkbox for Use maximum texture size. Try checking that box, then import the model.

Do you have the model that you imported as well, that we can try?

Hi Colin,

I am actually exporting from Rhino Mac, shall I share it?



The box is checked

The texture images in the SketchUp model file you uploaded aren’t very high res. Do you have higher res images you could use and share?

Yes these are higher res. So you think it is because of the resolution of the jpg.
If that’s the case why they look better in rhino? I’ll send one more file
1.zip (5.7 MB)

Test 2.zip (5.7 MB)

I opened the largest of the JPGs, Blue01 in your first zip file. It is not a very high res image. I didn’t bother looking at the others in that zip file. Green01s in the other file is a little better but still not very good. From what I see in your zip files, I wouldn’t expect anything better in SketchUp.

Thank you Dave, I’ll try to make better textures.

FWIW, since you have the geometry in SketchUp, try importing the “better textures” directly into SketchUp and replace the ones you have. As I remember with SU2016 there were still some limitations to the max resolution of textures.

OK thanks Dave!

I sharpened and reimported the green colors. See if you can see an improvement.

sharpened.skp (15.6 MB)

I changed the file to be a 2016 SKP.

I need to download Sketch up 17, I have just the 16

Thanks a lot, by the way

Yes. SketchUp 2017 Make is still available for hobby use.

It seems to me that there was an improvement in max texture size in SU2018 or 2019.