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The texture feature is a really great tool … that is when one can access the edit function. I usually right click to access the texture orientation menu, but for some reason the option does not pop up in the fly out menu. How else can one select the editing tool.

You’ll only get that if the material is applied to a face (not group or component container) and you are right clicking on a single face. If you have a curved surface with softened edges between the faces, you won’t see Texture un the Context menu. In that case you can turn on Hidden Geometry so you can right click on a single face and adjust the orientation.

There isn’t any other way to access that editing option.

Thanks Dave,

This seems to happen intermittantly. I can’t pinpoint in what circumstance this happens, but here is a screenshot of a surface (a simple rectangle). Right clicked on the surface expecting the ‘Texture’ fly-out …

Turn on hidden geometry and look again.
View/Hidden geometry

Hi Box,

nothing doing…

I think i need to restart my Mac. Perhaps a memory problem?

It needs to be one single face, not even an edge of the face. So it has to be a single click then a right click.
Separate out the part including the hidden bit and put it in a new model and attach it for us to look at.

Hi, I am quite familiar with the texture edit feature so its surprising that this feature ‘disappears’, now more often.

I rebooted my Mac (late 2018, 16GB RAM, Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB. Generally have about 30GB space on the 250GB hard drive), and the fly out appeared only to disappear after an hour of working.

Then I tested the function on a new file with nothing in it except the same rectangle cut n paste from this large file I am working on, and it worked in the newly opened file.

Seems that there is a limit to the file size perhaps.

If it is a “surface” it won’t show the Texture fly-out. It only shows if the item selected is a single face. What does Entity Info show?

Hi, I think this particular file is somehow corrupted. The fly-out works on other files…

Another thing is quirky in this model I am working on at the moment. Trying to download some trees, and I get this…

or this, imported into new file with nothing else in it… . Is there a setting I am overlooking?

I think you are just overtaxing whatever graphics chip your computer is using.

It SHOULD be using the Radeon graphics. Make sure it is.

How big is your model? (File size, and edge count from Model Info/Statistics.) Make sure you have checked the box Show nested components and try Model Info/Statistics [Purge unused]

And to get a better visual appearance for your trees, hide the edges of the face they are on, and make sure the background is transparent at least outside the foliage. You can do this in Preview on the Mac.

What version of Mac OS X are you using? Add it to your profile - it sometimes makes a difference to the advice to give you.

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I wonder if this problem you are having is related to your other issue. If you have selected a style that does not show textures like the one you had chosen in the file you sent me, the Texture option won’t appear in the Context menu even if you right click on a single face that has a texture on it. In that situation your material is only a flat color so there’d be nothing to do with any of the various options found in the Texture flyout menu anyhow.

Here using the Shaded style you had selected. Texture nowhere to be found in the Context menu.

After changing the style to Default which shows textures and presto! Texture is present.

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