Texture Files

Okay, so I have a school project where I have to create a castle in SketchUp 2016. I have SketchUp on my other computer, but it is 2020. On that computer, I have a SketchUp build that I downloaded. This build has all of the textures I would like to have on my school computer. My question is, how do I do that? Is there a way to only transfer the materials? If there is any other information needed that I am leaving out, please ask because I am new to all of this.

Do you have access to both computers? You can open older file versions on newer versions of SketchUp but not the other way around. (Like most softwares)

It sounds like you have all the textures you wish to use in a 2020 version file. You could open the 2020 file in Sketchup 2020, hit File>Save As>SketchUp Version 2016 (*.skp)

That way you can then just use the 2016 version file on your school computer.

This worked, Thank you!