Texture Edit

I loaded new update SU2019.2 and now the texture editing function normally found when using the right click function is missing. Also, some colours, in this case the black chainlink fencing does not respond or get assigned to a surface.

Are there any other anomalies that we should know about.


is the ‘face’ painted, or the group?

do you have with textures selected?

what render do you have installed?


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Hi John,

I have tried all sorts of methods, including my usual method of clicking on a surface that is not in a group. Nothing has changed, except I updated the software to SU2019.2.221. Not even the option that the texture can be edited is visible … Oh man… As I am typing this, I realise that I did change one thing: I changed my normal ‘Shaded with textures’ style to just ‘Shaded’!!! Problem solved!

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I should have added the ‘shaded’, but I assumed you would know what I meant…