Texture Edges have Transparent Gaps

Hi, I’m new with sketchup. Whenever i try to import a pic as a texture (a wall paper image from a website) I get a trasparent gap between the edges. I have tried editing the image inside Sketchup using the Edite Texture tool and also outside Sketchup by cropping the image edges in ppt and preview. no matter how much i crop the edges the gap on the edges remains as is.

Please can someone help ??


Share the image you are using for the wallpaper.

Sorry DaveR i never got any notification for this … i thought no one replied.

Here … the Wallpaper image that i want to put in the interior walls. The edges of the pic are absolutely sharp but when i add it as a texture it has gaps ( like the previously shared image).

Please if you can help.


I think the key is that Dave edited in an image editor ( and set it up expertly). I don’t know how you could do the same “inside” SketchUp, but you can use the material browser to export the texture to an image editor and then replace the texture in SketchUp.

Yes it was an image from a website. Just a simple copy and paste. When i said i cropped the image “inside” … it was via the material editing in the Sketchup, which (as you correctly said) required me to export it to the inbuilt app Preview on my Macbook P.

BTW it didnt do the trick… I used the image you sent but when i zoom in the wall still have gaps … and they eventually show in the renderings. :frowning:

You can tell i’m not a pro…yet.

Please help .


This is what my model look like … can you see the grey gaps in between ? … i dont know how to get rid of them.

I imported the pic as texture. Is there some specific setting you are using ? What STYLE are you using? i’m on ‘Architectural design style’. BTW i tried using almost all the ‘default’ styles and settings in the menu but didnt work… I dont think the gaps are a part of the image…i’m just using the image as a texture and it automatically creates those gaps. The worst part is … during renderings … i can see the light rays coming through the gapes … which makes the room look extremely funny. As if there are gaps in the walls and there is some lights glowing from behind it.

hmm … ok i will try again on a new simpler model. I’ve been learning Sketchup hit and run … if you have any turorial video suggessions please feel free to send the link.

Thanks … i will come back

Another quick fix that you can try inside of SketchUp is to just make a new texture that doesn’t have that ‘seam’ at the edge.

Here’s the original texture again with the seam noted by the square when applied to a larger surface:

Then, I just drew two lines on either side centered on the yellow bands of the original imported texture. This will allow me to now ‘crop’ out the bad part of the texture. Then I right-clicked and chose ‘make unique texture’ to create a nice new texture.

Here it is again with the new ‘unique texture’ applied to a bigger surface and viola! No seam.

WOW … this worked !!

I made the square according to the width of the wallpaper print and used ‘Make unique texture’ and repplied the texture to my wall …and Voila !!!

Thankyou so much eric-s.

Also thanks DaveR the tutorials link are really helpful.

i’m so happy.

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