Texture disapears in Google Earth after 12-24 hours

After importing a Sketchup model into Google Earth Pro the textures display correctly and look just like the model I created in Sketup until a certain length to f time has elapsed, usually 12-24 hours, then all of the textures turn to black. When I turn off Google Earth Pro and reopen it the model looks just fine until the above amount of time has elapsed.

It seems strange that the model will hold texture then loose it over time. The computer that I am running the programs on is a Toshiba Qosimo which is one of the more powerful gaming computers on the market with 32GB DDR3L of Ram an Intel Cor i7-4700MQ Processor and a 3GB GDDR5 graphics card, so power isn’t the problem.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Perhaps over time the computer shuts down the more power hungry graphics card and reverts to the more power efficient (but far less capable) onboard graphics chip.

You don’t tell us what the make of the graphics card is. Have you tried updating its driver?