Texture adjustment tool question

Why when I use the texture adjustment add on tool it doesn’t always work. Sometimes I can turn or align the texture and sometimes I can’t. Does it matter the size maybe. It’s frustrating. Any theories anybody?

SketchUp has some basic texture adjustments built in… and rotation is one of them.

Have you tried to use that approach. . . or is that what you’re referring to by saying “texture adjustment add on tool”

The ‘add on tool’ part leans interpretation in the direction of an extension here… which if that’s the case, then it would be nice to link to the extension you’re using for testing purposes.

Size could matter, but then so does your computers graphics card performance—which we’re not yet sure of.

Also, the origins of the texture which you’re working with can come into play.

In general, if you want to start with the premise that maybe the texture is too large… then I think its worth setting up a few tests where you try the same task using a variety of texture sizes. Basically, start off small and build things up from there, until things start to break.

If you are working with an extension here, I’d certainly try the default SketchUp options as a means of comparison, those which are available on the right click context menu.

Make sure that when you right-click on a surface you have ONLY a single surface selected. Selecting lines and surfaces, groups/components/ or smoothed surfaces won’t let you select Texture… From the context menu.

Yes I do mean extension. But not sure how to link to it. And the reason I got this extension was because I couldn’t find any built in adjust ments other than the sizing adjustment found in the materials tab. I always had to pic up my object and move it to align it or flip my texture 90° or 180°. As far as the textures being too big, when ever I start with a texture it always comes out tiled with so many tiny tiles it looks like a solid color at first glance. I then scale it up so it can be seen but then I can’t always rotate it or align it. The origin of the textures is something I’ve wondered about. I get my texts from free texture sites or I create them from scratch or by manipulating images I find online. Sometimes I have to edit out a watermark. Those kind.

I’m assuming “context menu” refers to the right click drop down menu. I rarely use that menu for anything I don’t think. I never noticed any adjustment tools there.

Yep! Quickest, easiest way to edit and texture!

You miss the fun part of SketchUp if you do not ‘context click’ those menu’s!

Heyyyy how’d you do that? I’m gonna have to try that. Just have my surface selected, hover over it, and right click. Correct?

The funny thing is that I went back and the add on tool worked suddenly. And I could not figure out what I did differently. But I have also tried the built in tool from the context menu and that worked out great. So I now have two options for that task. Thanks guys.

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