Texting in shapes

I have a need to text in a circle, not with shape bender, so the wording/numbers are still vertical but hold the shape of the circle. Does anyone have a suggestion? it would be the equivalent of a fisheye lens over the text.

Either draw it by hand or use the Envelope feature in a 2D drawing program such as CorelDraw. What you are wanting to do is a 2D graphic design. SU has minimal 2D drawing tools; it’s not a good choice of tool for what you want to do. If you create the design in a 2D program, you can import it via dxf using a free plugin, e.g., [DXF In][1], and then extrude it.

[1]: http://www.crai.archi.fr/rld/plugin_details.php?id=735

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That helps me tremendously! thank you!!