Text Tool Not Working

Hello All.
I’ve come across this before and don’t know why, but in certain models I can only use the text tool 2-3 times, and after that, as soon as I click place - the text disappears… I have to close and reopen the document, or open a new document and use that one specifically for my text - copy and paste back and forth… bit of a pain.


Anything I might be missing?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry, not only your text but even your video seems to have disappeared. For me at least.
Could you try again?

Looking at your other topic threads, it indicates issues with your Radeon drivers and OpenGL.

Unfortunately, AMD/ATI 64-bit drivers generally have problems with the 64-bit OpenGL libraries. If you were on a PC, I’d recommend switching to the 32-bit SketchUp edition. But, with a Mac you cannot do this.

I looked around at the AMD site and found this, but it seems older than your machine:

Strange because from what I can find on the HD7950M, it is supposed to support OpenGL 4.2:

Do the Mac SketchUp editions allow switching fast feedback on or off ?
(In the OpenGL panel of the Preferences dialog.)

We have seen some strange graphics effects because of the fast feedback settings, in the past.

Whether or not the AMD driver is the issue depends on who developed the driver. Unless things changed, Apple produced their own drivers for the AMD cards used in Macs. So the problems on Window machines with AMD cards did not happen on Macs.

That said, the OP’s issues do sound like driver issues. Update the computer with all the latest and greatest from Apple.

OSX 10.4 wasn’t supported on SU v15…

unless you updated it may be the cause of your issue…


I wondered about that, but had not yet looked it up.

SketchUp Hardware and software requirements (Just did.)

OMG! Even SketchUp 8 did not support Tiger.

Hi Dan…
Great reply and bit of detective work, thank you.
I was having that weird graphics issue (faces seemed to be on top of one another when zooming around the scene), and was advised to turn Use Hardware Acceleration on, which corrected that issue. Currently, Use Fast Feedback is off.

I will try it on for a while.

What are you running now ? Your profile still says 10.4, which would be some revision of Tiger ?

If you’re still on Tiger how did you get SU 15 installed ?
SketchUp 8 and above are not supposed to be run on Tiger.

I wonder if it might be better (on old OSX versions) to run the Windows edition under some kind of virtual machine ?

I think the @TheChizz was actually on 10.10.4 [Yosemite], where a lot of people had trouble with fonts…

unless you are already proficient using native Windows, SU is far more troublesome in a VM…

It is also rather expensive to do it legally using a full price OS…

I ran both for a few years and had constant issues with IE and ‘anti’ virus software…

the majority of ‘comments’ about the GUI ‘discrepancies’ come from experienced Window users who have switched to mac or use both…


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