Text tied to window problem

In LO, if you put text over a SU window, it becomes tied to it. This is a useful feature if you put text just below a window as it moves automatically if you expand the window. But when the text is related to something on the SU drawing and the text is in the middle, it moves out of position when you alter the window size.

I have never quite got my head around this properly as some text moves like this and some doesn’t. Which probably just means I have not understood it. Can someone point me to information about how to control the “stickiness” of text please?

I may have inadvertently found the answer to this which I can demonstrate in the video clip that follows.

When you write text over an active SU window, the default is that it is related to the window. So when you resize the window, the text moves correspondingly. But if you write text outside the window and then move it over it, there is no longer any link.

I believe that behavior is expected. There’s a special case in the Text tool code that creates a connection between the new text box and whatever was clicked to start the text box. The “move” tool will break these connections but can’t create new ones.


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That sounds right. It would be quite nice to be able to either invoke the “stickiness” for floating text or, conversely, to disable it, by, say, context menu. But at least I now understand why some text is sticky and other text isn’t!