Text image auto fills a surface \ Area

Hi All,

Using 2021 Pro

I have a kitchen plan and i want to apply the door image on to each door.
I have added the an image of the door to a my materials.
When i apply the material image to the door i would like it so the image automatically fill the door area.

Below i specified the image size and then applied to the small door

When i tried to add to the FF it doesn’t fill correctly.

Is it possible to have this automatically fill to the size ?


This is in SketchUp 2016 Make as indicated in your profile?

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got set up? Is the image something you’ve already got as a texture or are you adding it into the file? If the latter, share the image you are using, too.

Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply.

I have updated my profile .Sorry about that, should be 2022 Pro.

I have created a basic skp. which although better than my skp still shoes the issues.
The image size i set to be 300mm x 900mm but it doesn’t fill the 900x 300 door properly.
If the image size is changed to 600 x 1000mm then most of the doors auto fill.
(as the pictures)

kitchen doors.skp (230.9 KB)

Thanks for your help.


Are you importing the image through the Materials panel?

You can import the image view File>Import and apply it as a texture. Here I’m importing to set the width for the top tall door. Then to adjust the size so it fills the face I dragged the pins. Note that this method scales the texture in only the vertical direction which means the rails don’t remain proportional and because the doors are different sizes, the rails and stiles will be different widths which surely doesn’t match with reality.

This is such a simple door to model with Offset and Push/Pull. I think I would skip the image, create the panel and then paint it with the color.

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Hi, Yes i click “Create material” add the image from the browser.

By the way, I notice you’ve scaled some of the groups in your model. That will cause you some issues in applying images as textures, too.

I guess I wouldn’t really want my kitchen doors to all be different which is what you end up with if you use the image as a texture. I wouldn’t be very thrilled to have to make those doors in my shop, either.

The reason for the image is to allow easy change for viewing different option between flat door and panelled.

You are right the image edges will be unrealistic but they would be close enough for quick view.

And hence when you have a lot of doors and changing them quickly to show different options it would be great for the material to auto fill.

How did you know i have scaled ? Does that cause problems generally ?

I think it would be easier to have components for flat and paneled doors and swap them.

Maybe I just know too much about cabinet doors but even for a quick view the difference in rail and stile widths jumps out at me in a negative way.

That will require that all of your images are exactly the same size.

I right clicked on the groups for the smaller cabinets and saw that Reset Scale was available to select.

It can because the texture image gets scaled, too.

This is done with Offset and Push/Pull. I got the rail and stile width from the manufacturer and edited an existing blue color to the RGB values of that dusk blue.

Thanks Dave,

So i guess the answer is it is not possible for the image to auto size when pasted to the surface?

Not really. As I said, you’d need the images to all be identical in size.

Ok, Thank for helping out. :raised_hand: :pray:

After you mentioning about getting the RGB form the manufacturer website i tried to find that but i can’t. Can you assist again please ?

There are a couple of ways you can do it. You can modify an existing in model color using Match color on screen in the Materials Edit tab like this:

Or you can use any of a number of free color pickers to sample from colors on screen and get the RGB values. Then edit an existing in model color by typing those values in the appropriate fields.

By the way, the website I found when I searched shows a range of colors. If you want you could create a collection of those colors to save for later use.

After sampling the colors, purge the unused ones from the In Model collection. Then use Save collection as…
Screenshot - 5_12_2022 , 7_12_40 AM
These steps are both found in the Details menu.
Screenshot - 5_12_2022 , 7_13_03 AM