Text color lost when export from LayOut 2018 to AutoCad

Have som text with color, in LayOut 2018.
When exporting as DWG to AutoCad (latest release) the text color disappears in the DWG, as well as other attributes (e g “fat”). Otherwise the translation seems o k.
Any ideas?

All the best

Just my opinion (:grinning::grinning::grinning:)

Finish the job on LayOut! Bring all the job from AutoCAD into LayOut 2018. Put it on scale, change the line thikness, line color, change patterns, etc, etc, etc.

Since 2015, I no longer use AutoCAD! Or at least as minimum as possible! :rofl:

Hi Eduardo,
thx for responding.
We also prefer LayOut & SketchUp
but …
customers and clients often demand dwg, which is the reason for my question.
All the best

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