Testing Grounds for some Wild Format Experiments—Avoid, or be careful!

Hi Everyone,

I’m only setting up this thread because I want a place to practice Formatting my posts.

I know a few things, but in viewing the posts of others, like @DanRathbun in particular… I know that there are some great formatting options which are available… and I plan on learning what all of those are.

The good, The bad, and the ugly… will follow.

I’m doing it all here so as to not irritate other important discussions elsewhere.

Lastly, My sincerest apologies for this popping up at the top of the list every time I make a new half-witted contribution… If I could turn that OFF… I most certainly would.

I’d be putting all of this stuff in a saved draft if I was allowed to do so.

Also in spite of countless efforts… I unfortunately don’t rule the world just yet.

If someone wants to join in here, that’s fine by me. I’m not going to stop you… unless you get all crazy with the stinkingly obnoxious animated gifs. That’s one art form that has already been perfected, you won’t make it any better, so lets not try.

As always, if someone has a better, or less irritating way for me to accomplish my goals here then I’m all ears.

Take Care, Folks


p.s. sorry also about the notes to self stuff (e.g. // comments )… I’m trying to set this up so that when I come back at a later time… I’ll kind of know what I was attempting to do.

Some Formats I like…

Cool. I put an exclamation mark on the title because I’ve never edited someone’s title and I this looked like the right place to try stuff out. Just owning up to my poking around.

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Nice example of Collapsing Text:

note: Not exactly sure how this happens?

best guess:

  • it’s automatic (?)
  • … but sadly can’t be created or adjusted manually.
  • … thus it only happens as a results of linking to another thread (?)

what I did:

  • click on the share a link button…


Do you want to collapse the text within your post?

Click for more

Look at the gear icon.

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Do you want to blur out spoilers or expletives? Again, check the gear icon.
Click the blurred text to reveal clear text.

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You can send yourself a private message and chat all day there in private with yourself.


EDIT: Ooopss, I see Gordon beat me to it.

The only difference between and public and private topic thread on Discourse, is that the private ones can only be seen by the addressees or those subsequently invited to join. There is a feature which we may not have switched on here, that can make a private thread (PM) into a public thread.

So you can do practice things like this in a private practice thread, by sending a PM to yourself.


So, Jim do this… start a PM and address it to discobot with anything as the title and text, then follow the instructions the bot gives you.


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