Terms you may encounter in this forum [Wiki]

There are a few terms that are used often in this forum that you won’t find in the official SketchUp documentation (primarily help.sketchup.com). This Wiki exists to give them definitions as they are used in this forum…

Please add any new terms in alphabetical order!

Collection Suggestions Needed for a term for this concept! - See discussion below

Some forum posters use “Collection” as a shorthand for geometry that has been isolated in a Group or Component.

(Author’s note: I’m not sure this is the best word for this! I’d love to hash out a consensus term for a word we’ll use for this shorthand - feel free to reply to this thread to register your preference)

Raw Geometry

When forum posts reference “Raw Geometry”, they are using it is a shorthand for “Edges and Faces”. Mostly, it’s used to describe things you draw that interacts with other things you draw - unless isolated in collection (group or component) - in which chase, the geometry only interacts with other geometry in the same collection.

“Raw Geometry” specifically excludes guide points/lines, dimensions, annotative text. (3d text is raw geometry and will interact with other raw geometry unless isolated in a collection).

I do not know as I can agree with this. It is more common for sages to use the term “context”, (as in editing context.)

Collection, is used throughout SketchUp documentation, both User Guide and technical API documentation.

The word “collection”, comes from the underlying C++ programming language, and is a collection of object references (implemented as sets, arrays, dictionaries or hashes, [and possibly other named collection types as well.])

SketchUp has standard collections of all kinds. The major kinds of SketchUp collections:

  • Classifications
  • Components
  • Entities
  • Extensions
  • Layers
  • Materials
  • Options
  • RenderingOptions
  • Selection Set
  • Scenes (Pages)
  • ShadowInfo
  • Styles
  • Tools
  • Toolbars (and UI Commands)

There also some subordinate collections that are unseen by the end-user, and only used “under the covers”, ie Loops, Vertex arrays, etc.

In addition, there are user created “custom local” collections (on local storage) of various kinds, materials and components being those that users create most often.

So, when a person (in a forum response) refers to groups and components as having collections of geometry, it is because they actually are related, both having a component definition, which actually do have an Entities collection.

So Steve, we are not “coining” a slang term here (when we use the word “collection”,) we are actually using precise language used by the SketchUp User Guide, and the Help Center, where a search on “collection” results in 5 pages of hits:

Most Mac users will be familiar with the word “collection”, where it is often used in Apple documentation as this term is also used in Objective-C (Apple’s OOP language similar to C++,) and then also makes it’s way into OSX desktop and iOS applications.

I never use this term myself, preferring to use “primitive geometry” to mean: edges, faces, curves, arccurves, circles and polygons.

“Raw” just is not an adjective I associate with geometry at all.

ADD: Just because some people use a “slang” term on the forum, should not mean we need to “chisel it into stone” in a glossary.

This is precisely why I added the “Author’s Note”! I recall seeing “Collection” used as a shorthand for “group or component” in at least one forum post, and I don’t recall seeing another word used for this purpose. But just because I can’t recall use of a better term, doesn’t mean that there isn’t one!

From your explanation, I agree that “Collection” is not the right word to use for this concept. So I’ve changed it to strikethrough text and add replaced it with a request for an appropriate term.

Do you have a link for reference ? Or was it my recent post in the 'Layers" topic:

In this post I was attempting to be informative about layers and their display behavior, but not too nitty detailed.

In reality it is the group or component instance’s parent definition that owns the geometric Entities collection.

“Raw Geometry” in a post is what triggered me to start this wiki! And I’ve seen it often enough that it think it is worthwhile to have some sort of reference. Just for comparison, a search for “raw geometry” in this forum just yielded 50 hits (not all relevant as a couple of them picked up the “raw” in “draw” or “drawing”) and a search for “primitive geometry” yielded only 48 (with more non-relevant!)

Sometimes also referred to as “geometric primitives”.

No. I don’t. Once I did the “Raw Geometry”, I wanted to add a second term - it really didn’t matter what - and my mind leaped to a recollection (very possibly mistaken!) of “collection”. So I just did a search and … drumroll … I can’t find the term “collection” used for the purpose I recalled. So it’s a good thing I’ve changed it in the original post above!

See my (revised) post above ?

Guess what? I just found a reference to “geometric primitives” AND “collections (groups and components)” in the same sentence in a post from a Sage!

BTW: Search for “geometric primitives” returned 50 hits, with relevancy rate between that of “Raw Geometry” and “Primitive Geometry”